From the Current Southwest Regional POC Group President...



Thank you for your interest in the Southwest Regional Point of Care Group.  Our goal is to enhance point of care for the patient through education and networking.   Educational opportunities for individuals responsible for the administration of Point of Care Testing are limited in the Southwest. With the Southwestern region of the United States serving a large geographical and culturally diverse area, it is our goal to help provide education and networking resources for point of care coordinators and others associated with the point of care industry. 


This year’s event is located in Grand Junction, Colorado:


GJ is located 250 miles between Denver, CO and Salt Lake City, UT.  We hope to be able to draw in more folks from Utah this year.  As Grand Junction is not a major metropolitan city, we recognize that almost all attendees will have to travel in order to get here.  (You can get a direct flight from Denver or Salt Lake.)  We have expanded this year event to two days.  Since you will most likely travel to get here, we want to give you as much education for your traveling dollars as possible. 


Educational Activities:


We are covering a wide variety of point of care topics ranging from inspirational (Dr. Maxwell) to inspection (Jean Ball.  We have technical presentations on glucose testing, tight glycemic control, and coagulation.  We were also able to bring in Lisa Vitry for a presentation titled “Point of Care – It rhymes with nightmare for a reason.”  (Can anyone out there relate to that title?!?) We want you to come learn, network and have fun doing it.  We are planning an activity during Friday’s lunch to get you networking and to give you a chance to win a $250 prize.


Social Activities:


Our mixer will be held at Boston’s Gourmet Pizza.  The meal and non-alcoholic beverages, of course, will be provided.  Boston’s is walking distance from the Holiday Inn Express for those of you who wish to imbibe.  During the mixer, we are planning a silent auction, so bring your checkbook.  With help from our sponsors, we are also putting together informal group tours of the many wineries in the GJ Grand Valley.




With all that we are planning, you will want to check back to the website often.  We will update the website as each activity is finalized.  If you have any comments or questions (about other fun activities to do in the area, contacts for carpooling, the hotel, etc) please contact me at or 970-244-7095.  I look forward to seeing you in October or maybe hearing from you sooner.


Katrina Hull MT, CLS