7th Annual Meeting

September 24 and 25, 2009

Host Hotel:

Courtyard Marriott, St. George UT

Conference Location:

Foremaster Building

1424 E. Foremaster Drive, St. George, UT


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Southwest Regional POC Group has been approved (or has applied for approval) as a provider of continuing education programs in the clinical laboratory sciences by the ASCLS P.A.C.E. ® Program

September 24, 2009


10:00 AM

Opening Remarks

Dr. Scott Moesinger, Pathologist Dixie Regional Medical Center

10:05 AM

Point of Care Testing in the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Joan Eggert, MPH, MD

Objectives:  The learner will be able to adapt point of care testing for use inside the hyperbaric oxygen chamber.  The learner will be able to use point of care testing to diagnose and clinically manage hypoglycemia vs. oxygen toxicity in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Contact Hours:  1 hour

Instruction Level:  Intermediate

11:00 AM

Vendor Fair

12:00 PM



1:00 PM

CLIA and Point of Care Testing

Rebecca Christiansen, MT ASCP, Chief, Certification & Approval, Utah Department of Health, Bureau of Laboratory, Improvement

Objectives:  Recognize the CLIA regulation structure, certificate types and test categorization.  Relate the requirements for a Certificate of Waiver.  Obtain resources to prepare for a CLIA survey.  Explain the CLIA Technical Consultant responsibilities and duties.

Contact Hours:  1 hour

Instruction Level:  Basic

2:00 PM

Exceptional Service Based on Principles

Cherie Peterson – Teaching Specialit, ARUP

Objectives:  Evaluate the personal benefits related to their commitment to service excellence principles.  Generate solutions based on “doing the right thing” in relation to technical decisions regarding patient care.  Demonstrate ownership of mission regardless of their position within the organization by functioning to support mission objectives. Change and modify service delivery based on “doing the right thing” to enhance the service level experienced by their customers.

Contact Hours:  3 hours

Instruction Level:  Basic


7:00 PM

Social Hour

7:30 PM




September 25, 2009


8:00 AM

Urine Drug Testing:  Pitfalls to Avoid

Daivd Loughmiller, MBA, MT (ASCP)SC, Laboratory Supervisor

Objectives:  After completing this activity, the learner will be able to more completely interpret point of care drug testing devices and recognize the limitations found with those devices.

Contact Hours:  1 hour

Instruction Level:  Intermediate

9:00 AM

Order From Chaos, A 6-Step Plan for Organizing
Yourself, Your Office & Your Life

Liz Davenport, CEO Order From Chaos

Objectives:  Set up their office to increase productivity and reduce stress.  Keep track of the 240 daily requests as well as schedule infinitely into the future.  Never start another pile ever again.  Do 8 hours work in 2 hours with ½ the mistakes.  Prioritize work for maximum effect.  Do 4 things each weekday that will keep the entire system in place.

Contact Hours:  3 hours

Instruction Level:  Basic

12:00 PM



1:00 PM

Stress Management 101

Bruce Boettcher, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Objectives: The learner will be able to recognize early signs of stress, unhealthy ways of coping with stress and apply appropriate stress management tools to reduce chronic stress symptoms

Contact Hours:  1.5 hours

Instruction Level:  Basic

2:30 PM

Joint Commission Rules and Regulations

Megan Sawchuk, MT(ASCP)

Objectives:  The Learner will be able to understand how to apply the Joint Commission rules and regulations to their program.  The learner will also be able to know how to make the regulations of JC and CAP coexist in harmony.

Contact Hours:  1 hour

Instruction Level:  Basic

3:30 PM

Point of Care-Future

Marcy Anderson, MT(ASCP) Editor of Point of Care Magazine

Objective:  The learner will know how to indentify the newest trends in Point of Care testing. 

Contact Hours:  1 hour

Instruction Level:  Basic

4:30 PM

Business Meeting


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    Tel:  505.724.8096


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The Southwest Regional POC Group provides an opportunity for health care professionals to meet and contribute new ideas and information on POCT issues and practices.


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