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A large group of POCCs and lab professionals attended our November 7 Meeting at St. Joseph's Hospital in Atlanta, hosted by Karen Jenkins from Emory University Hospital - Midtown.

Preparing for IQCP


Ellis Jacobs, Ph.D., DABCC, FACB, Director, Scientific Affairs, Alere, led an interactive discussion on 'Preparing for IQCP'. In Dr. Jacobs' discussion, he talked about how:

  • Risk management is something laboratories are already doing.

  • An IQCP assesses the medical need for test, performance requirements, and weaknesses in the testing process as well as actions to address those risks.

  • Each IQCP is unique because the combination of device, setting, medical requirements and operators may differ between laboratories.

  • An IQCP is the industry standard. It depends upon the extent to which the device’s features achieve their intended purpose in union with the laboratory’s expectation for ensuring quality results.

  • Once implemented, the IQCP is monitored for effectiveness and modified as needed to maintain risk at a clinically acceptable level.

For a copy of Dr. Jacobs slides, click here  or on the image on the right, above.

Ebola at Emory Hospital


Emory Healthcare's James C. Ritchie, PhD, Clinical Chemistry, Professor. Pathology & Laboratory Medicine worked with a team at Emory University that cared for two patients with Ebola virus disease (EVD) in August. During is talk, he discussed:

  • Background information on the Ebola Virus

  • Clinical Characteristics of the Bola Virus

  • The Cases at Emory

Dr. Ritchie was kind enough to provide his presentation to GAPOCC members. To view or download a copy of the slides, click here or on the image to right.



More photos from our November meeting...


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