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“Cardiac Markers: Why all the Confusion?”

Presented by Richard Heitsman, MICT, C-POC


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Summary:  This presentation described the challenges associated with cardiac testing, and will included an overview of

  • The history of cardiac markers used to detect myocardial damage

  • A review of current testing guidelines from various organizations

  • Review assay performance (Troponin) and explore the reason for the confusion surrounding their usage

  • The impact of Turn-around-times of lab on patient outcomes

  • What are future makers of cardiac disease that the lab needs to prepare for?

Objectives:  After viewing this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the challenges associated with cardiac patient testing to both the laboratory and clinical staff

  • Discuss the role the lab must play as educator to the clinical staff

  • Delineate the differences between analytical and clinical performance of cardiac marker testing

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About our Presenter Mr. Richard Heitsman has 30 years of critical care experience centered around caring for the acute and critically ill patients in both the pre-hospital, and emergency department. His hospital career path began in the ED and progressed to the cardiac catheterization lab. During this time his responsibilities progressed to supervisor and eventually administrative director of cardiovascular services at a top 100 cardiovascular hospital.  From this position he was promoted to provide corporate quality guidance and oversight to 35 hospitals in the western US, with the intended goal of increasing quality of care for patients with cardiovascular disease.  For the past 9 years he has held positions of increasing responsibility within industry, providing clinical and economical consultation for hospitals considering decentralized testing of patients with suspected cardiac disease. Mr. Heitsman is a member of the council of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis, for the American Heart Association, and has coauthored numerous papers on care of cardiovascular patients.  He is certified as POC specialist from the AACC. He currently resides in Wichita, Kansas.

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