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Innovation after innovation, our passion drives us to set new standards for in vitro diagnostic testing. We develop, manufacture and distribute instruments, related reagents and data management solutions, for hospitals around the world—at the point-of-care and in the laboratory. Our solutions include Hemostasis and Acute Care Diagnostic products and services, all designed with a common goal: to help healthcare providers enhance patient care and efficiency.




Assuring quality before, during and after sample analysis—for improved patient care Basic Metabolic Panel.
Simplify and centralize point-of-care testing operations Rapid Whole Blood Hemostasis testing in acute care settings Antiplatelet therapy response assessment

GEM Premier 5000 blood gas testing system provides automated quality assurance with every sample.

With next-generation Intelligent Quality Management (iQM2), featuring IntraSpect™ technology, potential errors are detected not only before and after, but also during sample analysis, along with real-time correction and documentation.

Plus, it’s simple—just change the all-in-one GEM PAK once a month. So regardless of testing location or point-of-care operator, quality results and compliance are assured with every sample on the portable GEM Premier 5000 system.

Introducing the new GEM Premier ChemSTAT, a rapid Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) whole-blood analyzer with a menu customized for the Emergency Department, including lab-quality Creatinine results.

Advanced connectivity with Intelligent Quality Management (iQM) ensures simplicity at the point of care (POC) and expedited time to triage and treatment.

GEMweb Plus 500 Custom Connectivity simplifies and centralizes management of POC testing.

GEMweb Plus 500 Custom Connectivity is a data management solution, designed to simplify operator supervision and quality management, all from a single interface, whether accessed in the central lab, at the point-of-care or remotely from any analyzer, PC or tablet device.

For rapid whole blood testing, Hemochron Signature Elite system standardizes ACT+, ACT-LR, PT and APTT testing at the point of care. 

Rapid, accurate and reproducible results, for patient management decisions in acute care settings, from the Cardiovascular Operating Room to the Cardiac Catherization Lab.

Understanding a patient’s unique response to antiplatelet medications is essential to effective treatment decisions.

The VerifyNow system offers platelet reactivity results in minutes, providing antiplatelet therapy guidance in many clinical settings, including the Operating Room, Cardiac Catheterization Lab, Interventional Radiology, as well as in the Lab.