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KEYPOCC News & Updates

2018 Officers


Jeanne Mumford, MT(ASCP)

Johns Hopkins


Baltimore, MD | Email

Vice President:

Kelly Cordell, MT(ASCP),


Health Network Laboratories

Allentown, PA | Email


Lilah Evans, MT(ASCP)

Thomas Jefferson

University Hospital

Philadelphia, PA| Email


Tiffany Huntley, MT(ASCP)
Alfred I duPont
Hospital for Children
Wilmington, DE | Email

Join us on March 15 at

Jefferson Alumni Hall in, Philadelphia


Network with your peers and join us on Thursday, March 15 at
Jefferson Alumni Hall in the Atrium,
1020 Locust St. Philadelphia, PA 19107

for the Spring KEYPOCC Meeting.


Topics will include:


The Role of Lactate in the Risk Assessment

of Morbidity and Mortality

Current Perspectives on Molecular

and Genomic Pathology: The A, C, G, & Ts

Regulatory Roundtable with a Guest Inspector

Bring your checklist questions for group discussions and solutions

for your next inspection. We will take questions from Joint Commission,

COLA, and CAP checklists.


Click here for the agenda and more details


Grants Awarded

Caitlin Pizzaro

Receives 2017 Bill Sweger Memorial Grant


In July, KEYPOCC President Jeanne Mumford, below right, presented a $500.00 check to Caitlin Pizzaro, a Junior at Stevenson University's MLS program in Stevenson, MD, below right, for the Bill Sweger Memorial Grant from the Keystone Point of Care Coordinators.


Vidusha Udayalal Receives

2017 Wendy VanDyke Memorial Grant


Vidusha Udayalal, a Senior at York College of Pennsylvania's MLS Program in York, Pennsylvania

was presented the Wendy VanDyke Memorial Grant from the Keystone Point of Care Coordinators.



Vidusha Udayalal (center) accepts the Wendy VanDyke Memorial Grant from Wellspan Gettysburg Hospital's Cindy Graves (left) and Lisa Hoke (right).

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Check out our December 12 Webinar on ACTs...



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Click here to visit the Whitehat website to listen to the audio



KEYPOCC Scholarships


KEYPOCC awards educational grants each year in June. The Wendy VanDyke and the Bill Sweger Memorial Grants are open to any individual seeking education as a clinical scientist. Grants are based upon specific standards established by the KEYPOCC Grant Committee.  The recipient selection process begins in January and the deadline for submission is April 30. Each applicant will learn of the Grant Committee’s decisions by May 31. Click here for a Grant Application.



The purpose of the Pennsylvania-based KEYPOCC group is to form a collaborative network of point-of-care coordinators with a willingness to share information, ideas, and creative solutions to the unique challenges presented by the growth of point-of-care testing  (POCT).  More >

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