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POCCs: To visit a Point of vendor site, click on one of the links below.

  • If you are a Point of Care Vendor and would like to submit your company information and products, click here for the required information.

  • If you need to make corrections to your listing, please click here.

  • Vendors listed below, not, are responsible for the accuracy of the information or how up to date it might be.

Note: Some of the listings above may not be up to date and is not responsible for the accuracy of each vendor listing. If you need to update your company page/listing, send an email with updates/corrections to
How to get listed as a POC Vendor
  • There are no requirements other than CLIA approval in the United States for a product which can be used at the point of care. 
    • If you market an instrument, it must have 510k clearance from the FDA.
  • If you would like to participate, please provide the information below in a Microsoft Word file to via email.
    • Only information provided in electronic format will be accepted.
  • Below is the information, if applicable, we need to list your company and product information.
Company information:
  1. Name of Company
  2. Address
  3. Phone number to find salesperson or request Point of Care information
  4. Web-site link address
  5. General email for information request
  6. Corporate Description (< 150 words)
  7. Company logo not greater than 150 X 150 pixels in jpeg format.
Test kit requirements:
  1. Test kit name
  2. CLIA Classification (Waived, Moderately complex)
  3. Analytes performed on this device
  4. CPT Code associated with each analyte
  5. Test methodology
  6. Sample volume
  7. Time to result
  8. Units in which the test is reported
  9. Picture of testing device not greater than 100 X 100 pixels in jpeg
  10. MSDS's associated with the use of this product
Instrument requirements:
  1. Instrument Name
  2. Model Name
  3. CLIA Classification
  4. Size and weight
  5. Specifications
  6. Data transfer capability
  7. Features
  8. Test Menu (Analytes that can be performed on instrument)
  9. CPT code for each analyte
  10. Test Methodology
  11. Units in which the test result is reported
  12. Picture of instrument not greater than 100 X 100 pixels in jpeg
  13. Other relevant information
  14. MSDS's associated with this product etc.
Software information:
  1. Name of software package
  2. Current version # availability
  3. Included download capability
  4. Operating system capability
  5. Administration features
  6. User features
  7. QC features
  8. Instrument Management features
  9. Inventory Control features
  10. Reporting features
  11. Install base (# completed, NOT planned installs)
  12. Export capability
  13. LIS Interface capability
    a) Scripted
    b) Direct interface (HL7, ASTM)
    c) Which LIS's have you installed?
  14. Up to 5 screen captures which show examples of software
Last updated: 10/22/2018

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